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July 16 2017  (3:00)

Australiƫ spreekt over mogelijke rechtszaak zonder daders MH17

De rechtszaak over vlucht MH17 wordt mogelijk gehouden zonder de verdachten van het neerhalen van de Boeing van Malaysian Airlines. Dat heeft Julie Bishop, de Australische minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, zondag gezegd.

'We have confirmed that we will back a Dutch National Prosecution to transform the full jurisdiction of Ukraine to the Netherlands.'

Well, that's disastrous for a real prosecution. I don't trust the Russians, but I don't trust Ukraine and the Netherlands either. Circumstantial evidence comes from the Ukrainian secret service, the SBU, the CIA and some by Soros funded institutions.
In an international trial this would all be wiped off the table, but in the Netherlands everything may happen. This trial will be a cover up of the truth.

It is funny that it were just the Russians who investigated the holes in the MH17 thoroughly by the albert_lex research (Russian MoD). They might have been lying but at least they concluded a BUK as possible weapon. So, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and completed their research.

Squares can rotate or translate. They can enter surface normal or ricochet.  Below we developed holes from the features of the squares themselves. Only if the warhead exploded exactly parallel to the hull (surface normality) we might expect perfect ribs of 8 mm on a flat part of the plane. All other measures must be in deviation of 8 mm. Then there must have been a huge variation around 8 mm, what is not the case...

Old Ukrainian warhead 9N314

Proceeding with the albert_lex research.

Following the histogram of albert_lex we can forget about the old BUK-warhead 9N314 because category 6 (33) is missing:

Also warhead 9N318 from missile 9M317 was falsified. This because its rib of 6.5 mm cannot be narrower and I guess albert_lex found mostly 6 mm ribs. Nearly all 6.5 ribs would have fallen into (6.5-7-7.5) which received only two observations.

That leaves us with 9N314M, the warhead with the bow-ties. 

But remember, only the profile of 9N314M is confirmed by albert_lex, not the warhead itself. So, in theory there might be other warheads with the same profile. Only if it definitely is a BUK, than it is proven the BUK with the bow-ties.

So it is very likely a BUK 9N314M from Russia or Ukraine. Well, the odds are against Russia, but only because most information is channeled by the SBU. And this means we have indications, we have troublesome circumstantial evidence but no firm proof to nail the Russians.

So why so hasty with the SBU trial of the MH17 in the Netherlands? You name it... a cover up maybe, because they dare not wait for the unmistakable whistleblowers of the future. 


Was an Ukraine Air Force IL76 transport aircraft the target of the BUK crew?
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Most likely the shotdown of MH17 was a mistake. But what could be the target?

BD: What is most likely can just be a false flag and not a mistake by the Russians in the first place. If a mistake then first prove the innocence of the Ukrainians.

A source of Ukraine states
On July 14 and 16, Ukrainian IL-76 transport planes passed near the route taken by the Malaysian Airlines plane, but at lower altitudes–6,000 to 7,000 meters. Evidently, the Russian military [17 July, BD]  mistook the Boeing for our [Ukrainian] transport, and ignored its altitude and the fact that the liner was following an international air corridor.


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Former Ukraine chief investigator of MH17 “Ukraine BUK captured in Crimea could have downed MH17”


Last published article: February 13, 2017
MH17: False flag planning

False flag planning:

If you were the Russian army planning assaults on military Ukrainian aircraft above Don Bass and in Donetsk, which warhead would you prefer? Notice, these BUK's would be out of control in Ukraine which might be dangerously in a diplomatic sense. Then Russians could be easily unmasked with warhead 9N314M

Good. Im happy with your answer. It is logical that if Russians passed TELAR to rebels, they would also provide TAR support from across the border. The only scenario when TAR will NOT be used is if there was an intent to shoot down an airliner. I’m sure you would get a lot of support in pushing the intent theory.

Would they send their 9N314M into Donetsk or the old 9N314 which is still in regular use by the Ukrainian army? What do you think? Yes, they anyway would be expected to send the old warhead 9N314.

And if Ukraine was the perpetrator, would they use the 9N314, which is in regular use by Ukraine, or would they fire the more modern 9N314M which is also in active use by the Russians? Well if intentionally, Ukraine would shoot down a passenger plane (what else?) with warhead 9N314M.

So our decision rule is as follows: the Russians would use warhead 9N314 and the Ukrainians warhead 9N314M.

Well, we know warhead 9N314 is falsified by my research on data from albert_lex. And in the same way the profile of 9N314M is confirmed. And last but not least the modern Russian warhead 9N318 is falsified. So, if it is a BUK it definitely is warhead 9N314M. 

9 March 2017

Ukraine has several BUK systems in the area. According to Rogachev, Director of the Department of New Challenges and Threats at the Russian Foreign Ministry,

“it should be noted that during the summer of 2014 the Ukrainian Army’s anti-aircraft missile regiment No. 156, equipped with ‘BUK-M1’ missile systems, was stationed in the zone of conflict. The regiment’s headquarters and its first division were located in Avdiivka near Donestk, its second division in Mariupol and its third in Lugansk. In total the regiment was armed with 17 BUK-M1 SAMs, identical to the one identified by the JIT.”

Difficult to take a position. But Ukraine was in war, so why would not they install BUK's? Well, what planes had to be shot down? Maybe, if there was so much Russian equipment they also had to expect Russian SU's. So, it is complicated and all parties - especially the Dutch - lost their scientific credibility already from the start.

 Andrew // March 11, 2017 at 4:56 pm // Reply
>The Buk was photographed/filmed/mentioned to be seen on the route Donetsk-Pervomayske many times.
Just to be clear, you should state that several hours after the shootdown, pictures and videos of a BUK on this route began to be released without any attribution of metadata and thus no ability to tie the pictures/videos to a specific time and date. This was followed up after several YEARS by the uncovering of a BUK on a commercial satellite image that coincidentally lines up with a newly released video.
Think about it. All those billions spent on CIA analysts and NRO imagery every year, and they couldn’t even be bothered to release the blurry image off the publicly available Digital Globe picture in the first few days/weeks/months.
It is also fascinating that contemporaneous mentions of BUK only show up on American controlled Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook but that a perusal of public message boards for Shakhtersk, Torez, and Snizhne have no mention at all of it passing through their towns until after the shootdown. The locals did not hesitate at all to constantly post about messages, images, and videos of battles, shelling, military convoys and aerial combat operations. They openly discussed the rebels firing anti-aircraft missile weaponry at military jets all day long on July 16.
There are literally several dozen (maybe even 100) YouTube videos of random people (and local news organizations) filming and posting Ukrainian BUK movements throughout 2014, most of them uploaded within hours of the sighting off dashcams and cell phone cameras. Thousands of  cars, all with dashcam recorders must have passed the supposed Russian BUK on the route it allegedly took, yet its taken years for a single video to be uploaded. Apparently not a single person in all Donbass was interested in showing they saw this fascinating war machine loaded with huge green missiles on the day it actually moved? Or did they all just get religion and suddenly adhere to military secrecy protocols just for this piece of equipment? Preposterous.

Comment BD: You know, if scientific research becomes fraudulent and corrupt, they better stop the investigation. MH17 research lost any credibility from the start, I think this was meant to be so.

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